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McFarlane LJ echoes Munby over family justice ‘disaster’


Sir Andrew McFarlane, the next president of the family division

Positive solutions for families in conflict.

We provide specialist psychological assessment and therapies to improve the lives of children and families.

Solutions for families in conflict. We work alongside legal professionals and individual families to resolve the conflict and alienation that arise during separation and divorce.

Our specialists deliver an independent, unbiased and scientific evaluation of each family’s needs. We undertake detailed psychological assessments, based on the latest scientific research, to establish the therapies that would be most beneficial to each family and their unique circumstances.

This approach reduces conflict in post-separation proceedings and enables children to develop and maintain the best possible relationships with both parents and all members of their extended family.

We deliver our services across the UK and internationally, conducting interviews and assessments at our clients’ convenience, often in a home or school setting to support neutrality and lack of bias. Our approach is unique. No other consultants can offer the same level of in-depth assessment and therapy combination.

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